color / under outfit test

Rinehart is sooooooo offended that you’d compare him to some old dude that smells like love and family. 

Having a hard time with Andrew right now. I got us into a rough spot, and it’s just really frustrating. I’ll get us out of this, man. I’m sorry.

And Bill Cipher for #villainmonth

"YOU’RE DEAD" - the crossover.

Decided to put all my Impel Down doodles together in one post cuz i like seeing all my babes together huhu~

garbage sand king

/cartwheels out of the room

ares counselor andrew sketches I forgot about~ Man I still love this AU so much qvq

What wears a dark suit, is completely evil, and is about to suck out all of your souls?

Why didn’t anyone tell me it was #villainmonth!? This is basically telling me there’s 31 days in which I have an excuse to just draw my favorite characters, and I’m 15 days behind!! So let’s get started: here’s Handsome Abadad— I mean Hunson Abadeer!

putting these two in the same room is a nuclear explosion waiting to happen

couple BACKLASH doodlies from Twitter!

I can’t wait to unlock Leadfoot’s alt costumes~

Bunch of sketches from the three AUs we dealt with on West Coast, + a bonus Longinus!Andrew because I keep finding sketches of him that I forgot I did.

My police baby children Barry and Joel~